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Why US Presidents Are Clean Shaven

If you ever used a straight razor then you know that it’s not the easiest or even the fastest process. So with that as the only option of shaving back in the day, that may explain why some presidents chose to sport beards instead. However, the invention of the safety razor in 1901 made shaving much more convenient for men to perform on their own. Coincidentally, the last president to wear facial hair was William H. Taft in 1913, only 12 years after the safety razor was born.

“Cheap” Razors Are Actually Costing You Hundreds of Dollars...

Big razor brands seem to be cheap at first glance… After all, you can get a whole pack of cartridges for just a few bucks. But all those little purchases can add up to HUNDREDS of dollars. Sure, when you buy a safety razor, you’ve got some upfront costs. But they’re as much as 3 times cheaper in the long run. Here’s the simple math behind it: Top brands of multi-blade razors normally charge you $14.50 for a 6 pack of cartridge heads. That breaks down to $2.41 per cartridge. And each cartridg

3 Reasons Why Your Husband Needs A $400 Razor

Chances are your husband is part of the 85% of men that uses multi-blade razors. That’s the razors that comes with 3, 4 or 5 blades. Well, according to Dr. Olenka Speaker (a dermatologist), multi-blade razors are what causes your hubby to get those ugly razor bumps. That’s because they’re designed to pull his hair out of his pores and cut it below the skin. That causes his skin to become inflamed, which prevents the hair from growing out (ultimately giving him the bumps). However, our OneBlade
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